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Idioma Pictures is the production company and directorial partnership of film directors Ana Baldini and Roly Witherow.

Out short films explore human relationships, family ties, alienation, and the effect of our pasts on our present (amongst other things) through drama and comedy. Our films include the short comedy Bomb Shelter (2022) which premiered at Metropolis Film Festival and the medium-length drama Névoa (2023). We are also currently in pre-production on our debut feature comedy, Kiss And Be Friends.

Ana's background is in Production Design. She has designed a number of award-winning films, including Precious Hair & Beauty which premiered at Sundance, and Appreciation, nominated in the London Critics Circle Film Awards. She has also given workshops at the NFTS.

Roly's background is in composing music for film & TV. His credits include Gregor, nominated in the British Independent Film Awards, Channel 4's All Around, the feature film TRY, currently on Netflix, and the documentary Frank Capra: Mr America, which recently premiered at Venice Film Festival.

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